Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Event: 10 Free Spoof Minutes

Visit and use the coupon code "SUMMER" to get 10 free caller ID spoofing minutes.
Want to get away this summer but not let your clients know? Call them from anywhere and have your office number appear. Want some peaceful time alone without leaving town? Place your calls from your home or cell phone and make it look like it's a long distance number. SpoofTel's been happy to provide anonymous calling for 10 years!

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Oldest Caller ID Spoofing Site Celebrates 10 Years!"

SpoofTel originated in 2004 and is now the oldest and longest-running caller ID spoofing provider. When it first launched, the service allowed users to place calls and disguise the telephone number from which they were calling. Instead of displaying the real originating number, any number (up to 10 digits) of the user’s choice was displayed. Now, 10 years later, SpoofTel continues to provide the same anonymous calling service at the same price that it was during the beginning.

In addition to the call spoofing feature, SpoofTel has implemented multiple other features over the years. Customers can use the service to place anonymous text messages, record their phone calls, change the sound of their voice during the call with several voice pitch options to choose from, and use a number of available sound boards. Customers also have the option of purchasing their own Spoof number which can be a local telephone number or a toll free number that is forwarded to a telephone of their choice. If you have family that live far enough away so that your phone calls are long distance, you can purchase a Spoof number that is local for them and forward it to your phone. That way, you might save on long distance fees and make it so they only need to dial seven digits to reach you.

The number of individuals that use caller ID spoofing has definitely grown over the years and continues to grow as more people learn about the service. It’s nice to know that calls can be made in a way that protects your identity without having to display your number as “blocked” or “unknown.” With the ever increasing popularity of text messaging it’s nice that SMS spoofing is available as well. SpoofTel has had a number of promotions over the years and continues to offer free trial phone calls. This year should be extra special considering it’s such an important anniversary. You can follow SpoofTel on Twitter or otherwise stay tuned for upcoming promotions that will be taking place from now until the end of the year. If you’ve never tried caller ID spoofing before now’s your chance. Try it for free and have fun with the optional features.

SpoofTel Celebrates 10 years!

This year marks SpoofTel's 10th anniversary. That's a lot of anonymous phone calls. Follow SpoofTel on Twitter for updates on promotions that will be happening throughout the year.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Try Caller ID Spoofing for Free

If you've never tried caller ID spoofing before you can do so for free at Just enter the number you want to call, the number that you're calling from, and the number that you want to appear. You can even change your voice during the call. It's a totally awesome way to fake your number, fake your voice, and make your calls completely anonymous.

How to Make Anonymous Phone Calls Without Using *67: 8 Steps

How to Make Anonymous Phone Calls Without Using *67: 8 Steps

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free Call Display Spoof Calling in Honor of Mother’s Day

As with all holidays, SpoofTel is celebrating this coming Mother’s Day with free Spoof Minutes. When you sign up with the secret code “MOMMA” you will earn 10 free Spoof Minutes. If you want to have a little fun and make your mother smile, try changing your voice to a higher pitch during your call so you sound like you did when you were a kid.

SpoofTel’s voice changing option allows you to change your voice during the call so if you want to start your call out with a different voice but change it back to normal afterward you can.

For those who don’t know, call display spoofing is the act of changing the telephone number that is displayed on a person’s caller ID unit when you place a call to them. Normally, your real phone number would show up unless you chose to block it and have it be displayed as “private.” Now, instead of blocking your phone number or revealing your real one, you can choose to have any number you want displayed.

Numerous people have begun to use caller ID spoofing since it began several years ago. The service is used by everyone from bounty hunters and other law enforcement, professionals, VIPs, celebrities, and regular people who want to keep their phone number private.

In addition to caller ID spoofing, SpoofTel offers other services including voice changing, SMS spoofing, and call recording.

If you’ve never tried caller ID spoofing or any of SpoofTel’s other features now is your chance. To get your 10 free Spoof Minutes visit and sign up for free with code “MOMMA.”

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tweet for Minutes!

Tweet for Minutes! Head over to to get 10 free minutes instantly and call anyone, anywhere!